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>> everybody told me not to bother responding because it was so far over the top it would help me rather than hurt me. he kept doing it so after a while a lot of that stuff stuck. >> bork left the bench to produce scholarly book on law, morality and public policy. robert bork was one of the most influential legal scholars of the past auto years anthony scalia said in a statement. his impact on legal thinking in the fields of antitrust and constitutional law was profound and lasting. >> you hear people saying well i think it's it wrong but who am i to judge? which is kind of a frightening thing. if we can't judge what's right and wrong, we're in deep trouble. and we are. >> robert bork was 8 a. 85. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, fiscal cliff soundoff. house speaker john boehner pushing for republican backup plan. president obama is vowing to veto. the president says enough is
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enough. no more discussion. time to actually do something about gun violence. >> this should be a wakeup call for all of us. >> shepard: he says this time words must lead to action. >> if there is even one thing that we can do to prevent any of these events, we have a deep obligation. all of us to try. >> shepard: now the president is setting a deadline and asking gun owners to help get this done. plus arnold -- armed and dangerous and on the run. two inmates tieing together bed sheets and sliding 20 stories to the ground tonight a daring escape from a skyscraper jail. but first from fox this wednesday night. we no longer excuse for doing nothing on gun control. those words today from president obama as stood before a nation still grieving over friday's' murders in
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newtown, 26 innocent adults and children gunned down at an elementary school. today at the white house the president says he has now asked the vice president, joe biden to lead an effort to come up with real proposals for reducing gun violence. and he said he wants those proposals by next month. >> this is not some washington commission. this is not something where folks are going to be studying the issue for six months and publishing a report that gets read and pushed aside. this a team that has a very specific task, to pull together real reforms, right now. >> shepard: the president said the second amendment does guarantee an individual's right to bear arms. he believes the vast majority of gun owners in america are responsible. >> i am also betting that the majority the vast majority of law abiding gun owners would be the first to say that we
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should be able to keep a few law breaking. >> shepard: specifically the president is hinting at military style assault weapons and high ammunition clips. most americans support background checks before all gun purchases involving those private dealers. he addede need to work to make access to mental healthcare as easy as access to guns. and we need a closer look at a culture that glorifies guns and violence as he put it of course we have seen mass shootings over and over again. the president ticked off a long list today. and we have heard outrage and vows for change over and over again. we have seen nothing happen. will it really be any different this time? will the murders at sandy hook elementary force action where previous efforts had failed? tonight that is the question in washington. and in newtown. where families are still burying their dead.
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shannon bream hats news for us tonight live in washington. shannon, what makes gun control advocates believe they have any sort of success this time? >> well, shepard, they believe things have shifted this time around. they believe that americans have reached a tipping point. here is democratic congresswoman carolyn mccarthy whose husband was killed in a mass shooting. >> this time is different all the time is different because there is so much anger. when you talk to people, there is anger behind their voices. why are we allowing this to continue to happen? >> democrats in both the house and the senate say they are introducing legislation designed to ban high capacity clips. those that hold more than 10 bhults at once and that they are looking for republicans to sign on to their efforts,. >> shepard: shep shannon, as always there are differences of opinion about whether gun control will help. >> gun rights advocates say there are a number of state and federal gun laws in effect. and in many cases they are not being effectively enforced.
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troubled individuals intent on harms other will find a way around any new measures this is what republican cathy mcmorris had to say? >> we need to it look at what drives a crazy person to do these kind of actions and make sure that we're enforcing the laws that are currently on the books. >> though not many republicans have been speaking about the issue pluckily we do understand there are discussions going on behind the scenes with party leaders. shep? >> shepard: shannon bream in washington tonight. americans surveyed a majority of them say there are more effective ways of preventing mass shootings than restricting gun sales. that's according to a new poll from gallup. the organization asked more than a thousand adults whether they believe certain tactics would help prevent mass shootings at schools. 87 percent said increasing police presence at schools would be very or somewhat effective. 84 percent said they felt the same thing about spending more on mental health screening and treatment. and 78% of those surveyed said
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decreasing gun violence in tv and in movies and on video games would help. 63 percent said banning the sale of assault and semiautomatic guns would also work. president obama said the massacre in newtown should give perspective in fiscal cliff. economists say that combination could cause another recession and a huge mess. the president claims he has already met republican leaders at least half way as he putsz it now he is calling on them to take the deal that he is offering. but the house speaker john boehner says is he planning to pass what he calls plan b, the plan the president says he will veto. ed henry is at the white house tonight. ed, the president says he is optimistic they can cut a deal but you are hearing behind the scenes it may actually be falling apart. >> that's right. because plan b is basically as you know john boehner setting the line of taxes going up only on income of a million dollars or more.
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and what will happen is top administration officials brought some of us in before the president's news conference to say in private that they think that plan b has now thrown off plan a which is the broader 4 trillion-dollar deficit deal that the president has been pushing for. boehner says he wants as well. basically inside the white house, they say once boehner dropped this plan b on which democrats say they want nothing to do with, it's cut off communication, cut off any progress on that bigger deal that the markets, people around the country say they want to see. here is the president saying that republicans should not turn down the deal that's on the table. >> they will be able to claim that they have worked with me over the last two years to reduce the deficit more than any other deficit reduction package. that we will have stabilized it for 10 years. that is a significant achievement for them. they should be proud of it. but they keep on finding ways
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to say no as opposed to findings ways to say yes. >> it's not just the future of taxes that sequester those major spending cuss. john boehner's plan b doesn't deal with that also doesn't deal with the fact that 2 million people will see unemployment benefits expire a week after christmas. that's a big deal as well, shep. >> shepard: so the president is saying no way to plan b yet speaker boehner is digging in on plan b? >> he certainly is. and the challenge for speaker boehner tonight is that late this afternoon some conservative activists had a news conference at the capitol blasting him basically saying that he has actually been giving in too much to the president. they don't want to see taxes go up at all some of these conservative activists even if it's on income of a million dollars or more. john boehner is turning around and trying to say look it's not about tax increases. it's about protecting tax cuts. take a listen. >> the president will have a decision to make he can call on senate democrats to pass
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that bill or be responsible for the largest texas increase in american history. >> the bottom line as you know and we have known through the this entire debate if they don't get a big deal, all of the bush tax rates will be expiring so basically everyone's taxes will be expiring and will go up. if the congress and the president do nothing. i'm told new information late this afternoon. some business leaders came in here to the white house. treasury secretary geithner and other. geithner and others said in private. if there is not a deal they think there is going to be major market. shep? >> shepard: state department officials failed to protect the u.s. outpost in benghazi before that attack that killed four americans. a blistering report from an independent investigation is now out today there is word three top officials may pay the price for it and some lawmakers are now demanding answers from our now ailing secretary of state. plus the feds say they are making changes to keep companies from illegally
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>> shepard: word came out today that three state department officials may lose their jobs after an independent panel blamed systemic failures for what it calls grossly inadequate security at the u.s. outpost in benghazi. the report is blistering against the state department. that attack on the facility killed the u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans. leaders of the review board gave members of congress a classified briefing on the report today. lawmakers say they plan to hold pluck hearings tomorrow. catherine herridge is live in d.c. with a preview for us tonight, catherine? >> that's right. offers uncomfortable conclusions and undeniable facts that there was a decision prior to the assault
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not dead found a new safe haven in eastern libya. one security failure after another led to the death of four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. >> i think the d-backs was very stark, very candid, very honest and told us the following mistakes were made, lives were lost and lessons need to be learned. >> in the summer of 2012 the report documents at least 20 security related incidents in benghazi including the assassination attempt on the british ambassador. if the state department continued to rely on libya militia and security contractor on 9/11 neither provided any meaningful defense. the report states it was stevens of decision to travel on benghazi on 9/11 adding quote his status as the leading u.s. government advocate on u.s. policy and his expertise on benghazi in particular caused washington to give unusual deference to his judgments. as for the lack of military response, the report claimed the system worked. >> there simply was not enough time for u.s. military forces
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to have made a difference. having said that, is it not reasonable or feasible to tether u.s. forces at the ready to respond to protect every high risk post in the world. >> late today fox news was told secretary clinton has agreed to testify on capitol hill before mid january at a pluck hearing. clinton's testimony is key because only she can explain why the obama administration favored a light security footprint in libya as the documented threat from islamist groups was growing and tomorrow there will be testimony from two of her deputies and that will be a pluck hearing, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. cat, thanks. the feds have updated online privacy laws to better protect children in the age of alps and social networks. the changes are significant. it's called the children's online privacy protection act. it bans companies from collecting certain personal information about a child under the age of 13 without a parent's permission. that includes a kid's location as well as any pictures, video
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or audio. the head of the federal trade commission says the new rules will help keep up with new technology and cover cell phones, tablets, software alps and social networks. two convicted bank robbers are on the run as fox reports tonight after a high rise daring and dangerous escape. the breakout triggered a manhunt in chicago and now we are hearing of some possible clues in the case. plus, a former beauty queen claimed the miss u.s.a. pageant was fixed. but an arbitrator now says she lied. and wait until you hear how much money she now has to pay the pageant owner, a guy named donald trump. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: the fbi is now
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hunting for two escaped convicts whom officials say used a rope that they made of bed repel some 20 stories down a high rise jail house in chicago. now the feds are offering 50,000 bucks for information to help lead to their capture. according to the fbi, some prison employees noticed something suspicious hanging down the side of the metropolitan corrections center when they arrived for work. officers then did a head count and when they checked the fugitive's cells they say they found window broken and the bars pulled out and dangling from the side of a building, dozens and dozens of bed sheets noted together every six feet. trace gallagher with the rest of the story for us. sounds like those guys were gone for hours before the guards even knew they were missing. >> yeah, because the last time they were accounted for at shep is 10:00 p.m. role call. they were found coming out the window almost nine hours later. the fbi is telling us they have surveillance video of these two guys getting into a
4:21 pm
cab at 2:45 in the morning about three blocks away from the jail. after that police say the men went to a chicago suburb to the homes of the man on the right ken conley's brother and mother to get clothing and other supplies. police raided that home hours later. listen. >> at one point they went to the garage and it looked like they had a battery ram to the garage door and busted in the garage and nothing was there. a couple minutes later they went in and got the police dogs. >> they didn't find anything. they also searched a strip club where ken conley, one of the convicts used to work, and, again, they came up empty. shep? >> shepard: trace, how does a grown man get out a 6-inch wide window? >> yeah, that's the big question. the window was 6 inches wide and 6 feet tall. i want to show you this. if you look at the bottom of the window you see the damage there to the concrete? it may have damaged that when they were pulling the bars out. tonight "the chicago tribune"
4:22 pm
is reporting that an entire cinder block may have been removed and that's how they got out. not only did they have to gather up and hide at least 35 bed sheets to make their rope. they had to pry the bars out of the windows, those bars were found hidden inside one of the mattresses. they also took the glass out and hid that inside the mattresses and then they used clothing and more bed sheets stuffed beneath the sheets to make it appear as if they were sleeping. this is right out of the shawshank redemption, shep. this thing appears to have been very well planned. >> shepard: trace gallagher on the high rise breakout. thanks. the miss u.s.a. contestant who claimed this year's pageant was fixed just lost her case. and it's gonna cost her 5 million bucks. in june, sheena monan said organizers had chosen the five finalists before the telecast. donald trump who own the
4:23 pm
organization sued her over the comments. last week said the comments were false, harmful and malicious and she now has to pay donald trump. trump says he feels bad for the beauty queen and called the whole thing, quote, an expensive lesson for her. >> shepard: my goodness bunga bunga time. the former prime minister silvio berlusconi the gift that keeps on giving is not letting legal troubles interfere with his love life. the now 76-year-old media tycoon says is he engaged to the woman you see here, she is 28. that's about 50 apart. this video would -- this would be silvio berlusconi's third marriage. is he now fighting charges of having sex with an underaged woman known to the world as ruby the heart steeler and using his office to cover it it up. in october, another court convicted him of tax fraud and sentenced him to four years in the clink. but he is appealing that conviction and says he is
4:24 pm
considering running again for prime minister of italy. the syrian regime can and will deploy chemical weapons on its own people unless other nations step in. that's the word now from a former syrian general who now leads the rebels. plus, investigators say this beauty queen died after a shootout in mexico and they have now linked one gun at the scene to the failed operation fast and furious. plus, the latest winter storm could throw a huge wrench into travel plans across several states. we'll tell you where it is headed and how much it's about to dump as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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and i said, "man, this pepper shaker is so 16-year-old boy with a cheesy mustache." just saying. >> shepard: this is a fox news weather alert and a major winter storm stretching across state after state tonight. blizzard warnings in effect from colorado all the way to wisconsin where first alert forecasters say more than a foot of snow could fall in some places. of course, all this comes as folks are gearing up for the holidays. triple a estimates some 93 million americans will be traveling in the coming days. with this powerful storm on the move, lots of folks are likely to have a lot of trouble getting to their destinations. and at least three major airlines have already waived rebooking fees for folks set to travel in the storm's path. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the extreme weather center tonight. how much snow are we talking about, rick? >> yeah, you said a lot of
4:29 pm
people will over a foot, shep. 6 to 12 for many folks. keep in mind the travel right now we're in ache active pattern. ner storm moving in behind this. lots of storms in longest stretch without snow on the ground. all changing today and tomorrow. the ♪ exiting colorado. heaviest in blizzard conditions right now across parts of nebraska. it's going to move off towards the east. mine states under blizzard warnings. not only have the snow but we have incredibly windy conditions. winds over auto miles per hour. stretch stretch in kansas has been closed because of this. lincoln to omaha parts of iowa and in towards parts of the great lakes. even see parts of this across the appalachians by the time we are done with this on saturday. >> in the middle of a blizzard tornadoes? >> exact same storm there is a warm side of that storm. that we have a threat for tornadoes right here in the lower mississippi river valley tonight. it moves off to the east
4:30 pm
tomorrow. so that threat tomorrow is across parts of the manhattan mid-atlantic and the south. be careful the tornadoes if we do see any will be in the overnight hours of course that's very dangerous. shep? >> shepard: rick reichmuth in the weather center, thank you. when it comes to disasters, all states are not we'll prepared. blernt determined that maryland, mississippi, north carolina vermont and wisconsin are most ready to handle things like disease outbreaks. stacyers and bioterrorism. the study finds the least prepared are kansas and montana. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. we had to to know something had to be wrong with the man in connecticut. the chief medical examiner is still trying to figure out exactly what it was. the doctor tells the hartford
4:31 pm
newspaper that he is trying to determine whether a genetic disease might have played a part in adam lanza's shooting spree. friends of alan zaps family say they were told he had aspergers syndrome a disorder on the autism spectrum. aspergers is not linked to any violent behavior. aspergers is simply not on the menu in terms it of what is wrong with this kid. rick leventhal on the top story at the bottom of the hour. live tonight in newtown. it sounds like this investigation is really taking a bit of an unusual turn, rick. >> yes, shepard. a genetic turn. obviously a key question for investigators is what was wrong with adam lanza? is there some clue in his d.n.a. to explain his murderous rampage? that's why the state medical examiner has asked a jennette cyst geneticists examine the results searching for some possible clue in adam lanza's
4:32 pm
remains. a possible motive under consideration is adam lanza found out out that his mom was planning to have him committed to a psychiatric institution. jealous of the time that she volunteered at sandy hook elementary school. if there is is evidence on lanza's home future to back it up. it's tough for investigators, shepard because there are reports that he smashed that hard drive before heading out of house. >> as investigators work on that. the families are still burying the dead. >> yeah. there were six funerals or wakes today alone that includes four kids and two adults being hailed as heros. the children were 7-year-old boys chase and daniel. and 6-year-old girls charlotte bare bacon and carolyn. paul simon sang sounds of silence during that ceremony and calling hours are being held for 47-year-old principal
4:33 pm
dawn hochsprung who reportedly lunged toward him to keep him from killing more pima school. >> shepard: we learned adam lanza's mother had been encouraging him to get out of the house and socialize? >> there is a report in the daily news out tonight the new york daily news saying that lanza's mother was trying to get him to go out of the house, to get a job. maybe go to school. but apparently she was having a tough time getting him out of his room. that he would lock himself in and play video games. violent video games for hours at a time according to the new york daily news, shep. >> shepard: rick leventhal in new york tonight. the students who survived the shooting there offering scholarships to students who survived the shooting at sandy hook. uconn announced the plan today. the scholarships will go to sandy hook students who chose to attend the university when they are older. school officials also say they will offer the scholarships to siblings of students who died and children of the adult victims.
4:34 pm
a spokesman says once the foundation officials get a sense of how much money they are collecting the school will then determine whether it can cover full college costs or just a portion. investigators in mexico have now reportedly linked a gun found near the body of a mexican beauty queen to the fast and furious gun sting. that operation, of course, was meant to follow guns from the united states to mexican drug cartels badge dits left two of them to the shootout where brian terry died back in 2010. this latest case has lawmakers asking how a gun that alcohol, tobacco and firearms manager purchased wound up at cartel crime scene in mexico. william la jeunesse live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. william? >> investigators want to know, shepard, if the number two man at phoenix atf broke the law and ran guns to mexico. not just weapons that others bought illegally but weapons that he bought. the story begins it unravel last month when mexican chief
4:35 pm
got in a shootout with the cartel. killed in that battle was mexican beauty queen gamez reportedly a friend of the cartel. police recovered several weapons there one traced to a top fire fast and furious gun no, sir surprise. the second weapon was. assistant director george jill let who overall fast and furious. the form that he used to buy his guns to gillette failed to fault gun he enforces. using office address twice. wrongly calling the atf building an apartment and using the strip mall for a second address rather than his residential address as required. we have reason to believe that the addresses that he gave wrong addresses and this was -- that could be a fraudulent violation of law. a felony violation of law.
4:36 pm
>> gillette was himself gun trafficking, given that his weapon was found at the same crime scene on the same day in the same city along with a weapon from his chief suspect three years after its purchased and a thousand miles away. gillette could not -- did not return our calls, shepard, but he did tell another media outlet that he sold that gun on the internet. back to you. >> shepard: william la jeunesse in los angeles. well now to the escalating darn knowledge in syria. the new commander of rebel forces there says he is, quote: very afraid. that if cornered the government will use deadly chemical weapons on its own people. really he should know. this vicious civil war in syria has been raging for two years. civil rights activists claim more than 40,000 people have been killed. observers say the number could be much higher as both sides may be hiding the true numbers of casualties to give the
4:37 pm
appearance that each is winning. that rebel commander recently gave a rare interview to the associated press. in it, he claims that he has to move constantly to avoid government spies. he also claims to have 120,000 fighters under his command but is he asking for western military assistance. warning the war could continue for months. at the same time, there is word syria's interior minister was seriously wounded in a bomb attack last week. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us in the studio tonight with more. jonathan, this rebel commander admitting weakness of the opposition. >> yeah. newly appointed rebel commander. is he ghightd that the various rebel fighting groups are not united enough. that they do not have enough discipline. now, obviously the only people who can fix those problems are are the rebels themselves. but the commander also says the international community could help by giving them more and better weapons. and he says it was unhelpful of the united states to designate one particular group
4:38 pm
of foreign fighters as a terrorist organization. listen. >> resistance movement against the bashar regime. it's tears organization. we have seen no them which indicates they would be terrorists. we believe they will leave the country following the defeat of the regime. >> of course, u.s. officials say in this group is linked to al qaeda and they would probably think it very fanciful to think that those particular fighters at the end of the assad regime would say you are welcome and simply go home. >> shepard: some refugees from this crisis in syria. new concerns about not just how many of them there are but what condition they are in. >> the condition is getting worse every day. according to the united nations, they have now launched what they called their largest short-term humanitarian appeal ever. they want to raise one and a half billion dollars. the majority of that two
4:39 pm
thirds, in fact, would go to help what is estimated to become 1 million refugees from syria in neighboring countries like lebanon, jordan, and turkey early next year. the other 500 million will go to help those who are stuck inside syria. civilians who are suffering terribly as the temperatures dip in mid winter and fuel and food shortages get worse and worse every day. >> shepard: incredible tragedy. meantime across the syrian border in israel, the government there today appointed a controversial development or approved it of more than 1,000 new homes in territory that the palestinians claim is theirs. the construction is scheduled to take place in the west bank and in east jerusalem. and spokesman for the israeli government said it plans to build the homes in response to the palestinians recent bid for understood. of course, last month the united nations grangtsed limited understood after a majority vote. the white house strongly criticized israel's construction plans
4:40 pm
investigators digging up the remains of two of america's most elm famous killers. their grizzly crime, the subject of the best selling book in cold blood. but now there is new technology that they believe could prove the killing spree didn't stop there. we will get a life report on the rest of the story coming up. when a volcano recently blew its top for the first time since the 1970s, tourists came from miles around. well, they are gawking now. and that's coming up. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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for the holidays. american soldier accused of walking of off his base and killing 16 afghan civilians in cold blood will now face the death penalty. the army announced today it will seek the first military execution since 1961. for staff sergeant robert bales. under the current system. the president has to approve any execution. army investigators say bales
4:44 pm
acted alone when he walked through two villages one night in march and shot people in their homes. most of the victims, women and children. his lawyer says bales should not face the death penalty because he was in his fourth war zone deployment and may have suffered from post-traumatic stress. two men executed for bush chering an entire family 53 years ago are now the prime suspects in the death of another family. investigators say ex-con richard hick caulk and terry smith might have committed a second grum murder in 195. just one month after they killed a kansas farmer wife and two kids. that heinous crime became the subject of truman can a can a can a body capote's true blood in order to solve a half century mystery. it happened in sarasota florida, phil? >> shep, enough probable cause exists connecting smith and
4:45 pm
hickcock here to sarasota county that bone fragments removed from coffins yesterday will now finally either solve yet another unspeakable quadruple murder that happened 53 years ago. >> i can't describe it. it was horrible looking. >> don mccloud can't forget that horrible day in 1959 when he walked in cliff walker christine and two children all shot dead in florida home. it remains sarasota county's oldest unsolved major crime. but 53 years later, detective kim mcgaffe thinks the walker killers are the same infamous killers of the clutter family in kansas one month earlier. perry smith and dick hick in cold blood. >> driving a stolen 1956 chevrolet bellaire and the walker family was shopping for a 1956 chevrolet 210 model.
4:46 pm
they are basically the same vehicle. >> before smith and hickcock were arrested for the kansas killings. several witnesses spotted them in sarasota the day of and after the walkers died. >> they all testified that hick companies hawk has a scratched face. >> and more intriguing evidence cliff walker's pocket night with a distinct handle just like this was missing after he and his family were killed here in sarasota county but a couple weeks later when smith and hickcock were caught and cap terred in las vegas he had a pocket knife on him like this. it could be the unwritten chapter to capote's famous book. >> shepard: a volcano lights up the night sky as it shoots lava way into the air. and it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. russia. scientists say molten rock and ash are spewing from a 3-mile
4:47 pm
long crack in the volcano's slopes. hundreds of tourists flocked to russia when it stopped erupting last month for the decades. lava was reportedly destroyed a campsite and research station but nobody hurt. india. two roadside bombs exploded in the northeast. officials say it happened near a water tank just after a security convoy had driven through the area. the blast hurt one truck driver's leg. at last word nobody claimed responsibility for the explosion. an artic can a. a team of 25 scientists from china on a mission towards the south pole. it's the 12 expedition to the island's ice cap. >> you ukraine. three african white lion cubs were born in the zoo in the
4:48 pm
south. zoo keepers say it's rare for the species to give birth in captivity. caretakers have brought the cubs inside to protect them from the harsh winter temperatures and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. supreme court nominee robert bork has died. closer look at the man whose confirmation hearings change such proceedings forever. plus, need a new friend on facebook? how about the ayatollah khomeini. iranens supreme leader wants you to friend him but his own people aren't even allowed to like this. that's coming up. this holiday, share everything. share "not even close."
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>> the former supreme court nominee robert bork has died. his tough confirmation gave us a new word. to bork a nominee. judge bork never made it to the highest court in the land. he once said my name became a verb. that's one form of immorality. but it's not his only claim to fame. james rosen in washington tonight. james? >> shep, conservatives across the disciplines of law, academia and public policy tonight are mourning the loss of a man they call a giant. robert bork was one of the most influential legal scholars of the past 50 years supreme court justice antonin scalia said in a statement. contact on legal thinking this the fields of antitrust and constitutional law was profound and lasting it was in the summer much 1987 that senate democrats allied with liberal advocacy groups that paint judge bork as a far right wing threat to blacks, women and free speech. he was ultimately defeated by historic margin. bork had first gained notoriety as the justin department official carried out president nixon's order to fire the watergate special
4:53 pm
prosecutor archibald cox who was seeking access to the white house tapes. the attorney general at the time and his deputy had both resigned in prop he protest. that protest was known as saturday night massacre and invoked calls for nixon's impeachment. in interview with fox news unit bork warned the perils of judicial activism and rise in america of moral relativism. strong stream of extreme individuals in newark. maybe new in a way because you hear people saying well i think it's wrong but who am i to judge? which is kind of a frightening thing if we can't judge what's right and wrong, we're in deep trouble. and we are. bork family says the judge died from heart ailments, robert bork was 8 a. shep? >> shepard: james rosen in washington. lawmakers attending a private screening of stephan spielberg lincoln on capitol hill tonight. the senate majority leader harry reid met with spielberg and the film's star daniel
4:54 pm
lewis before the showing. the event was exclusively for senators and their spouses but they apparently going the full movie going experience complete with popcorn and candy right inside the congressional auditorium. the life of a congressman. you can now keep tabs on iran's supreme leader and browse through his photos because the ayatollah al khomeini has apparently joined facebook. here is his profile page including instagramed cover photo. remember iran already bans web sites including facebook, and one commenter asked ayatollah if he used a work around to sign up but his staff had apparently started a twitter page for the ayatollah and that's where they posted a link to this new facebook page state department staffers say they will keep an eye on it. nearly one thousand files from the scene of a cet cut massacre former marine keeping watch at his children's school. he says suspecting it b. something bigger than his
4:55 pm
kids. what he means by that and how parents at the school are reacting is next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> shepard: in the aftermath of a massacre in new town, a former marine has been standing guard outside his children's elementary school in nashville. former staff sergeant jordan pritchard a lone century outside that building. nobody is paying him. he is not armed. but parents say he sure is a welcomed presence. >> he made me feel good just to know that he stood up and did something to make us all feel better today. >> i'm doing this because we need hope, man. we need hope. >> thank you. >> you are welcome, man. you are very welcome. >> we have to live this life for other people. that's the only way that happiness and true peace and hope will come back to our nation is when we all come together and love each other. >> the staff sergeant's own kids are six and seven years old.
4:59 pm
the same age as the child victims from sandy hook. he says he feels it's his responsibility to keep watch this week. the president today launched a new effort to gun violence. proposal no later than next month. the president and the house speaker john boehner still butting heads deal avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. the white house says the president will veto speaker boehner's plan b that would raise taxes for americans on their income above $1 million. and a winter storm dumping more than a foot of snow in the rockies and threatening to cause a holiday travel nightmare across the plains. airport delays expected across the region. and on this day in 1972, three u.s. astronauts splashed down in the pacific after completing the last manned mission to the moon. apollo 17 had become nasa's

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